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New Customer Website Launched New Customer Website Launched
We have just launched a website for a new customer of ours, Steve Ashby Howe. It is his first website, and so we had an initial meeting with him to explain how it all works, and to discuss what he wanted his website to achieve for him. Steve...Click for More »
Oct 7th, 2010 23:27
Relaunch of Clients website Relaunch of Clients website
Michael Cohen, owner of Michael Cohen's Therapy Services, has been a customer of Drayson Design for over 10 years. He approached us to give his website a new facelift, and bring it up to date. We suggested that moving his website into a content...Click for More »
Sep 16th, 2010 19:34
Backup and Security Solutions Announced
As websites become more complex and feature rich, the threat of hacking becomes more important. Drayson Design have put together security update and backup solutions to help combat these new threats. Security and Feature Updates Solution...Click for More »
Nov 4th, 2009 14:16 launched launched
Simon Twistit, was recommended to us by Playtime Balloons, as a company that could create a brand new image, website and logo for his new entertainment business "Simon Twistit - Make Your Event Go With A Bang" He supplied us with some colourful...Click for More »
Aug 18th, 2009 16:54 launched launched
Marjorie Stokes of Playtime Balloons approached Drayson Design to update their website image. They had a website that was very old and tired looking, and some of the information and products were out of date. What they needed was a bright new,...Click for More »
Jun 17th, 2009 14:46 website is launched website is launched
James Stubbs recently entrusted Drayson Design with a critical video editing job, to create 2 training packages, one of them containing three DVD's. Because we delivered them ahead of schedule, James asked us to create a very simple one page sales...Click for More »
Jan 27th, 2009 20:22 website launched website launched
John Field, Magician and Mind Reader, approached Drayson Design to create a website that was clean, simple and easy to navigate. We talked about the design and layout with the client, so we could decide between us what the best way would be to...Click for More »
Jan 27th, 2009 20:15 website launched website launched
Drayson Design have recently finished creating a brand new website for The client wanted a way to pass on useful information to their customers, as well as create a website that would bring in new business. We...Click for More »
Nov 4th, 2008 23:28
New Showreel Video's released New Showreel Video's released
Today, Drayson Design are proud to announce that two new showreel videos, produced by us, have been released on behalf of our customer Alex Lodge. Alex, asked us to create two videos that would show off his illusion and comedy shows to...Click for More »
Oct 21st, 2008 20:39
Top Secrets of SEO revealed Top Secrets of SEO revealed
Drayson Design is proud and excited to announce the release of the only Search Engine Optimisation secrets you will need. This is a 2x Audio CD set that will guide you through what is needed to ensure that your website is found on page one of the...Click for More »
May 11th, 2008 13:26
Great deals on 0800, 0844, 0870 etc. telephone numbers Great deals on 0800, 0844, 0870 etc. telephone numbers
We have secured a great deal for user of this website wanting their own 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, etc. telephone numbers. If you have ever wanted your customers to be able to ring a freephone number to contact you, without spending a great deal...Click for More »
Feb 28th, 2008 09:52
Brand New Website Launch - Brand New Website Launch -
A long standing customer, Michael Cohen, who works as a successful hypno-therapist, contacted us because he wanted a new website, to allow him to promote and sell his popular self-help CD's. We worked with him to talk through what he wanted...Click for More »
Oct 9th, 2007 15:24
Another Happy Customer - Animupps Another Happy Customer - Animupps
We just received the following from one of our newest customers. It is always good to receive feedback. "I took delivery of your business cards 2 weeks ago. I am writing to tell you they are the BEST business cards Iíve ever had! They were...Click for More »
Mar 28th, 2007 21:04
Website re-launch for Magic Dave Website re-launch for Magic Dave was created using Front Page quite few years ago, and Magic Dave wanted to make a few changes and update photos. Once we had discussed the changes required, it became apparent that a makeover would be the better...Click for More »
Mar 27th, 2007 21:16 launched launched
Jez Rose, in his own words has created a brand new act: "Jez Rose spent over 6 months writing and developing the truly unique performance now known as Jez Rose & Company. By the end of the show, itís hard to imagine how it didnít take 12...Click for More »
Mar 19th, 2007 13:25 is launched is launched
Paul Megram approached us to discuss a new website for his Close-Up Magic business. He had a very clear vision of what the site would do, and how it would look. It became apparent that the only way to do what he wanted was to create the website...Click for More »
Nov 2nd, 2006 16:17
Today, there was an unexpected outage of around 2 hours. This was due to a file corruption of a key component on the server. The engineers were straight on the problem, and the corrupted file was replaced, along with a full update of all the core...Click for More »
Aug 11th, 2006 17:36
Power Failure
On Sunday 23rd July from 1pm, we experienced a power failure. We have been informed that several parts of London experienced this issue, and some other data centres were affected. We are currently investigating why the backup power did not start...Click for More »
Jul 24th, 2006 11:51
Business Card Design Business Card Design
Danny Schlesinger is a very talented physical comedian, having starred as "Homer" in the recent "Human Simpsons" ad for Sky which has been promoted on TV and in the Cinema recently. We met in Belgium last month, and since then have had a full day...Click for More »
Jul 10th, 2006 08:42 Launched Launched
Drayson Design are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website: Mrs Back to Front is a comical childrens entertainer including punch & judy, childrens magic, puppets, games, face painting, balloons in...Click for More »
Jun 5th, 2006 16:26
Report from recent move Report from recent move
I am happy to report that due to careful planning, the move to our new location was a complete success. The downtime was kept to the bare minimum during the early hours of Sunday 28th May. The one issue we had was with domain aliases, but that...Click for More »
May 31st, 2006 14:12
Maintenance and Upgrade
Following poor performance and reliability issues with our current data centre in London Docklands, which caused unplanned downtime earlier this year, we will be moving to a new location in London. This migration will be taking place in the...Click for More »
May 19th, 2006 14:09
Moving to a New Server
Drayson Design have just purchased a brand new, state of the art server, which has now been configured and set up in a high speed server center in the Docklands. We are now in the process of moving clients over to the new server. There should...Click for More »
Nov 23rd, 2005 16:34
New Webtools - Telephone and Postcode Area Finder
Today we have added two new Tools to the Webtools section. They are not webtool as such, but should be a great help to most users, and they are FREE to use. The first tool allows you to search for places, and it returns the first part of the...Click for More »
Jul 24th, 2005 10:49
A New Year, and New Services
Happy New Year to all. This promises to be a very exciting year for Drayson Design. Already we have finished our news script (the one that powers this sites news), and will be offering it to our customers for use on their own sites shortly. We...Click for More »
Jan 8th, 2005 14:47

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