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DVD Library Database

Keep track of your DVD Library as it grows. Make sure you don't buy the same film twice. Keep track as to who you have lent your DVDs to. So many possibilities with this beautiful, comprehensive, database. (click image for larger image) - Click here for more screen shots

DVD Library Database

Features include:

Title Cast ** Director Genre
Year of release Viewing format Purchase Date Purchase Price
Packaging Type Extras ** Region No. Classification
Synopsis DVD Box Graphic "Loaned to" record Notes
Nunber of DVDs in collection Total Collection Worth Search facility Simple Navigation

The synopsis and box graphics can be collected from online stores, such as : www.play.com

** Data is kept in a relational database, and can be chosen from previous entries without multiple input. For example, once Bruce Willis is entered into the cast for one DVD, it can be entered using the drop down menu for future films.

Mac OS X

Shareware fee - $5

Click to Download the latest version - v1.2.1 - released 8/9/04