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Domain Status

Is the domain name that you wanted already taken? Or are you worried about losing domain names you already own? With Domain Status you can now pro-actively watch domain names, Domain Status will then email or SMS you as soon as they expire, are deleted, changed, or become available for registration.

Research shows that out of over 30 million .com, .net and .org domains registered across the world, only around 10% of these are actively being used. Many domains are not renewed on expiry, or can suddenly become available for a variety of reasons.

For just £5.00 each, you can set up Domain Status to track your domains for a whole year (.co.uk, .org.uk, .com, .net and .org domain names) and inform you by whatever means you choose as soon as we detect a change in status - we monitor all elements of the domain and will notify you if any change. If you buy 4 Domain Status, you get a 5th for free.

Whether you own the domain or you want to register the domain if it becomes available, Domain Status will keep you informed with up to date information.

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