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Hit Report

So, you own a domain, and it is hosted with Drayson Design. How do you know that the website is working for you? How do you know how many people are visiting your site, or which is the most popular page, or even how they are finding your website? The answer is Hit Report.

Each report contains the following information:

  • Hit Report graphicYearly Statistics
  • Monthly Statistics
  • Daily Statistics
  • Hourly Statistics
  • Most Popular pages by hits
  • Most Popular pages by size
  • Top Entry pages to your site
  • Top Exit pages at your site
  • Top visiting ISPs by hits
  • Top visiting ISPs by size
  • Top Referrers
  • Top Search Engine Search Strings
  • Top Users Browsing Agents
  • Top Visiting Countries

The report is updated everyday, so it will always show current information. It is available 24 Hours a day, whenever you need it.

For a sample report click here: Hit Report Sample, a new window will open with the report. Click on a Month for further information.

The cost for this product is £15 per year, per domain name. If you have more than one domain that you wish to have reports on, then we can offer 5 seperate reports for £60 per year, so you buy 4 and get one for free. Please note that this product is only available if your website is hosted with Drayson Design.

Order 1x Hit Report                     Order 5x Hit Reports