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Interactive Web Colour Chart

Looking for "web safe" colours? Not sure what goes well together? Use this interactive chart to find colours you like. As your mouse moves over a colour you will see the colours change. To select a colour click on the colour in the color chart. You may change both the text and background colour. Once you have a colour palette you like, use the the hex (#) numbers below in your graphic, and web applications. Always make sure that you text colour is readable on the background colour.

The chart below consists of all 216 web-safe colours.

Choose Background Colour     Choose Text Colour

Selected Colours in sample below:
Background colour:     Text colour:

This is some sample text in your selected color.
This is your color and bold.

This is some sample text in black.
This is black and bold.

This is some sample text in white.
This is white and bold.

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216 Web-safe Color Picker created by R&R Technologies, Inc.