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Free Webtools

Interactive Web Colour Chart
Are you looking for "web safe" colours to use on your website? Not sure what goes together well? Use our interactive Colour Chart to find the perfect palette combination.

Page Download Timer
How long does your website take to download on a 28.8k modem, or a 56k modem? Use this tool to give you a rough idea. You will then know which pages need optimising.

Search Engine Ranking
Are people able to find your website in the search engines, using keywords you would expect them to use? Use this tool to find out. Just input your web address, and the keywords, sit back, and wait for the results from the top Search Engines.

Password Protect a Website Folder
Fo you have an area of your website that you wish to restrict just to authorised people? To do this in the most secure way, you need to create a .htaccess and .htpasswd file. Use this webtool to create those files for you, all you will need to do then is upload them.

Webpage MetaTag Generator
Is your website being seen when you use a search engine? If not, then you may need to look at your metatags. These tags sit in the header, and tell the search engines all about your page. We have a free tool to allow you to create these metatags quickly and easily.

STD Telephone Code and Place Finder
Are you trying to find the STD phone code for a specific place? Or maybe you have the STD code, but are not sure where it has originated from. Use this handy search tool to find out .

Postcode and Place Finder
Are you trying to find the postcode for a specific area? Or maybe you have the postcode, but are not sure where abouts in the country it is. Use this handy search tool to find out .